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Saicos Ecoline OIl Ground Coat 0.75L or 2.5Ltr


Saicos Ecoline OIl Ground Coat 0.75L or 2.5Ltr
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For a natural and beautiful surface. Ecoline Oil Ground Coat is
part of a coating system especially developed for wooden, cork
and bamboo floors and heavily used furniture surfaces. The product
is healthy-living, breathable and in line with VOC guide line
Saliva and sweat resistant acc. DIN 53160 T.1+2.
Complies with the migration behavior according to DIN EN
71T.3. DIBt approval: Z-157.10-103

All colours are mixable with each other. If having tins from
different batches, please mix these before usage.
The colour result depends on several factors: besides the wood
species and quality the sanding is also crucial. We recommend a
trial coating on original timber in order to obtain the most
accurate preview of the later result (acc. to German DIN 18356).
Fields of application:
For all kinds of wooden, cork or bamboo floors (solid wooden
floors, parquet, strip parquet, veneered floors) and surfaces in
interior areas. Furthermore, usable for hardwood, exotic and
thermo-treated wood.

Wood surface must be dry and clean (max. moisture content 12 %).
Any lacquer or paint remains need to be sanded off completely.
Sand the surface thoroughly. Final sanding should be done with
a cross grinding pad or sanding paper min. grain 120 - 150 –
also in edge areas. Remove sanding dust thoroughly with dry
cloth or vacuum cleaner.
Stir well – do not dilute.
Surface can be watered prior coating with Ecoline Oil Ground
Coat in order to achieve a more intensive and equal colour
result. In case of watering for avoiding colour differences, please
dampen the whole surface once with water. This should take
place immediately before coating. Wait for complete optical
drying until coating. A more intensive colour shade is to be
reckoned in case of watering. Please make a trial coating!
Apply thinly with SAICOS Double Blade Scraper. Application
quantity approx. 15g/sqm, depending on wood species (please
calculate with higher consumption in case of watered flooring).
Buff the treated surface until cloudless appearance with one- or
multi-disc rotary machine (white pad) after max. 30 min. Please
contact your dealer in case of floor with bevel.
Number of coats:
1x Ecoline Oil Ground Coat
Final coating:
Ecoline Oil Ground Coat is a primer only and requires a final coating.
As final coat you can choose between:
• SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil
• Ecoline Hardwax-Oil
• Ecoline MultiTopPlus lacquer system
Please see corresponding technical data sheet.
This product can be used with machinery. For further information please contact your dealer.
Best processing temperature:
between 8 °C and 35 °C

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