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Unika Worktop Oil Satin 1 Litre Tin


Unika Worktop Oil Satin 1 litre Tin

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Solid Wood Worktop RAPID Oil
Worktop RAPID Oil nourishes and protects all types of timber work surfaces

Fast Cure
Stain Resistant
Penetrates deep into the wood producing a durable and water resistant seal
VOC – 2010 Compliant. This product contains
EN71-3 Certified – Food Safe
Natural Satin Finish
High UV resistance
Greater coverage
A solid wood worktop needs to be re-oiled at regular intervals to keep its looks and protection. It is recommended to apply to the surface once a year or when needed.
Directions for Use

  1. Unika Solid Wood Worktop Oil is ready to use straight from the tin. Please do not thin but stir thoroughly before use and during use.
  2. On raw worktops ensure that the top surface, plus any sink/hob cut edges are oiled twice but the bottom surface only needs sealed once.
  3. Apply a thin coat of Unika Oil using a natural bristle brush or roller.
    Accidental splashes on surrounding areas should be removed immediately with a cloth.
  4. After 15 minutes, remove any excess oil using a lint free cloth. No oil should be left to pool on the surface.
  5. For the top surface and sink/hob cut edges only, wait 3 hours before applying the second coat using the same method as above. After 15 minutes, remove any excess oil using a lint free cloth. Alternatively use a red or white nylon pad. No oil should be left to pool on the surface.
  6. Let the surface dry over night before use while the oil hardens. The surface will gradually become more water resistant over the following few days. Any liquid or spillages are to be removed immediately during this period.

Unika Solid Wood Worktop Oil should be stored at 20°C – 30°C for 8 hours prior to use. Ensure that the oil is stirred prior to use and keep well stirred during use.

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