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How to Restore Weathered Outdoor Wood 

Treated properly, your external wood can last for decades. But, over time, the elements, from blistering heat to freezing rain, can take their toll on timber so that it starts to look less than its glorious best. It may appear grey or grubby, for example, with the beginnings of splits or cracks starting to appear. Over time, the sun’s UV rays can help break down the protective lignin in wood. Eventually, the fibres become exposed and more susceptible to change, until the wood develops a grey patina. 
Warping, rotting and drying out can all become quite noticeable, and your timber can look unsightly or, in the case of decking, not as pleasant to walk over as it used to be. 
However, the good news is that if you take the right action promptly, and apply the correct exterior wood treatment products after proper preparation, you can look forward to a great finish, with the vibrancy and beauty of the natural wood shining through once again. And many of these jobs you can do yourself. So if you’re wondering how to restore weathered outdoor wood as we move through spring and summer and hopefully some warmer, dryer weather, read on. 

First Steps 

Before you apply any exterior wood protection products, it’s important to clean the wood first. This gets rid of any grease or dirt which would stop finishes from sticking to the timber properly. At the same time, it lifts the grey colouring to give your wood a fresh look. 
With decking, you may want to use a pressure washer; otherwise a stiff, dry brush or a damp cloth can also work. 
At this point, also check your wood for potential structural problems and any areas that need replacing completely, or any screws, bolts or brackets which need tightening. A light-grade sanding can also help in the first instance. Work in the direction of the grain, but don’t go overboard. 

Apply Wood Treatment Products 

The next step for the best outdoor wood weather protection is to consider the products you require, and to assemble them before you start work. 

Best Brushes 

Osmo floor brushes are available in different sizes and are ideal for shifting algae, mould and anything else that may have become attached to the wood, particularly over the autumn and winter. Clearly you’ll also need a brush to apply wood oils and the like. The Osmo Flat Natural Bristle Brush comes in different sizes and is high-quality with a soft tip for applying wood oils. 

Painting Outdoor Wood 

Paint protects outdoor wooden surfaces from weathering, the harmful effects of UV rays and deformation. So it can help expand the lifespan of your timber. Equally, you can mask any flaws, while changing the colour of your wood if you so wish. 
Popular brand Treatex has a great line-up of water resistant paint for wood from which to take your pick. There’s the Treatex Classic Colour Collection 0.5Ltr or 1 Litre Midnight Blue, for example, an easily applied paint that’s UV-resistant, won’t flake or peel and suits doors and windows as well as fences, sheds and cladding. Or perhaps you’d prefer the equally high-quality Treatex Classic Colour Collection 0.5Ltr or 1 Litre Forest Green

Stunning Stains & Oils 

Again, if you stain outdoor wood, you benefit from additional protection from the elements for your timber, increased longevity, an enhanced appearance plus options for customisation. 
You do need to apply this product properly, and reapply the stain every few years, but for many householders that’s a price well worth paying. 
We supply a range of wood stains and oils from leading brand Osmo. Their natural oil wood stain, for example, comes in 0.75 or 2.5-litre sizes and a palette of varied colours. This oil-based protective finish for exterior timber will need a couple of coats, and helps keep fungus, algae and mildew at bay, not to mention cracking, flaking, peeling and blistering. It will shrug off dirt and grime, keeping your natural wood grain clearly visible. 
An alternative is Osmo Exterior UV-Protection Oil 410 Clear which has a natural oil-based, satin-matt finish. Again, it resists water and won’t flake, blister or peel. 
Other oils we have for wood include weather-resistant Treatex exterior oils, for which we offer 11 colours, from champagne to smoky black, in 1 or 2.5-litre tins. 
Finally, the equally weather-resistant Treatex UV Oil Clear 31000, available as a litre or 2.5-litre product, provides outstanding protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays and other effects of extreme climate conditions, penetrating deep into the surfaces of your timber. 

Talk To Us 

At Creative Wood Floors, we have a huge range of flooring products on offer, not to mention an abundance of expert advice on how best to look after your outdoor wood. 
Browse our online store, or pop in and see us – we’re based near Basingstoke town centre. 
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