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How to Apply Hardwax Oil 

What is Hardwax Oil? 

Hardwax oil is a type of wood finish intended for interior applications including wooden floors, made by combining natural oils and waxes with a small quantity of solvent. 

How Hardwax Oil Works & Its Benefits 

The oil sinks into the timber’s fibres and nourishes it, while the wax sits on the surface, creating a protective layer which guards against scratches, stains and wear. It also forms a repellent barrier for dirt and water; and allows timber to breathe and expand or contract as temperatures change without peeling or cracking. Other benefits include its quickness to dry, eco-friendliness and the way it draws out timber’s natural tones, with rich golden hues which particularly enhance lighter timbers such as ash. 

Hardwax Oil Application: The Process 

Getting prepared 

Make sure your wood’s surface is clean and dry. Remove any lingering old wood preserver or oil wax finish with a chemical stripper or sandpaper. Do a second sanding once the surface is smooth and clean, using fine-grit paper to open up the wood’s pores so that the Hardwax Oil will penetrate the timber. 

Applying your Hardwax Oil 

To do this, you can use a roller, cloth or brush. Apply the oil evenly, working in small sections, and spread the stuff thinly. Wipe away any excess using a cloth and don’t miss any sections of the floor, or have any overlapping. You might want to add more than one coat for extra protection and to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your wood – follow your manufacturer’s instructions. 
Test a small area first of all to be sure you’re happy with the result. 

Allow to Dry 

Typically, your floor will be dry in a few hours but, again, be guided by what your manufacturer advises. Your floor could take up to eight hours to dry. 

Buffing up & Maintenance 

Once your final coat is dry, buff with a cloth for a glossy, smooth finish – or just leave if you prefer a matt finish. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth will keep your surface looking its best, although maintenance is very minimal. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasives when you’re cleaning. 
Recoat with another Hardwax Oil application if, over time, the surface becomes scratched or dull. You may need to sand the surface first. 

Hardwax Oils from Creative Wood Floors 

At Creative Wood Floors, we’re official stockists of Osmo oils which protect your interior wood. These include a range of Osmo Hardwax Oil products such as the very fast-drying Polyx Hardwax Oil Express from this leading brand, which prioritises making environmentally friendly products. 
We also stock Treatex Hardwax Oil, another leading brand, which has more than four decades’ industry experience. Options include its ULTRA product in natural or gloss. 
Any Osmo or Treatex product will make an excellent choice for your real-wood floor. We also stock: 
Saicos Hardwax Oils from the revolutionary German brand which has earned a huge reputation in the hardwood flooring industry in less than 20 years (founded by chemists and engineers). 
Fiddes has been making its unique wooden floor finishes for generations, for domestic and commercial settings, including its well-known wax products. Take a look at the Fiddes Hardwax Oil line-up including the versatile Clear Satin Oil. 
Ciranova first made its products back in 1929. Its Ciranova Hardwax Oil range includes items such as the Titan Clear Oil. 
Blanchon has been in business for decades and Blanchon Hardwax Oil comes in 16 different colours with three different tin sizes. 
To learn more about any of these products, or for any advice about caring for your floor, visit our Basingstoke showroom. 
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