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Dr Schutz Bangkirai Oil - 1Ltr or 2.5Ltr


Dr Schutz Bangkirai Oil - 1Ltr or 2.5Ltr



Transparent pigmented deep impregnation based on natural oil for use outdoors.

  • Good penetrating properties.
  • The wood is protected against direct water absorption, while remaining open-pored and breathable.
  • High UV-protection due to pigmentation. Colour hue „Bangkirai“.
  • Without the addition of biocidal substances, therefore suitable for surfaces with skin contact.

For the impregnation of wooden terraces made of all kinds of wood. Also suitable for the treatment of garden
furniture and other wooden objects in outdoor areas.

When working outdoors a minimum temperature of 10°C must be maintained, be mindful of dry weather conditions. If necessary, old coatings should be sanded away beforehand. The entire surface to be treated must be
properly cleaned with water and allowed to dry.
Shake up well. Apply the oil evenly with a brush or cloth in the direction of the grain until the wood is saturated.
Smooth out well and do not allow layers to form. Treat end grain surfaces especially good. In the case of highly
absorbent surfaces repeat the application after drying.
Please note:

  • Soft and tropical woods can contain ingredients which inhibit drying or lead to impaired appearance.
  • We recommend pre-watering the wood before oiling, which improves its resistant properties.

Benchmark 100 ml/m² (10 m²/l). In the case of highly absorbent surfaces and weathered wood increased consumption is possible.

Can be walked on carefully, or worked on again, after about 10 hours.
Low temperatures, increased humidity, poor ventilation and drying inhibiting wood ingredients can extend the
drying time substantially

Free delivery to UK Mainland only.

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