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Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleaner Spray 8126 1 Litre


Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleaner Spray 8126 1 Litre



8126 Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleaner Spray: (pre-thinned), ready to use, colourless.

Fields of application:
Quick and intensive cleaning of heavily soiled and worn wooden floors with waxed, oiled or varnished surfaces. Also for cork, laminate, linoleum, PVC, ceramic, natural stone and other water resistant surfaces.
Removes nicotine, grease, mildew e. g. in kitchen and bath- room.
Note: - Not to be used on untreated raw wood

Application procedure:
Large areas: Dissolve concentrate 1 : 10 with water (e. g. 0,5 litre concentrate in 5 litres of water).
Spread evenly and thoroughly on the floor with SAICOS joint-wiper or rag (or appropriate cleaning machine). Do not pour on floor - do not leave pools on surface.

Small areas or partial cleaning: Spray from the spray bottle directly on the floor and spread out with a wrung out damp rag .
Leave to act for 5 - 20 min. Re-treat spots dried during that time. Remove dissolved dirt with SAICOS joint-wiper or rag. Wipe 2-3 times with clear water and clean SAICOS joint- wiper or rag. Wipe dry in the end.
Procedure can be repeated if necessary.

Woods with very high alcalic sensitivity (like oak and chest- nut) can suffer from discoloration. Please try out on hidden spot.

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