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Ardex AF175 Luxury Vinyl Tile Adhesive 12KG


Ardex AF175 Luxury Vinyl Tile Adhesive 12KG



Ardex AF175 is a fibre reinforced, water-based, solvent free, low odour, wet bond, acrylic emulsion-based floorcovering adhesive. ARDEX AF 175 offers excellent application properties and produces a high final bond strength with improved indentation resistance and excellent dimensional stability. It is protected from biodegradation and has good resistance to plasticiser migration.

Ardex AF175 is ideal for installing all types of Luxury Vinyl Tile and PVC floorcoverings in sheet and tile format, and can be used with all Ardex Latex and Water-Based Levelling and Smoothing Compounds in both commercial and domestic locations. Ardex AF175 is suitable for use with chairs fitted with castor wheels.

Ardex AF175 meets the requirement guidelines for the EMICODE licence ‘EC1 PLUS’, achieving the lowest possible emission limits.


The installation area and subfloor should be kept at the appropriate temperature as specified by the floorcovering manufacturer and the relevant clauses of BS 8203. These temperatures need to be maintained 48 hours prior to installation, during installation, and 48 hours after installation.

Ardex AF175 should be applied evenly to the suitably prepared substrate using the appropriate serrated trowel, held approximately at a 60 degree angle to the subfloor to maximise coverage and avoid forming pools of adhesive. Floorcoverings should be applied directly into the wet adhesive on absorbent backgrounds after the airing time, between 5-10 minutes depending on ambient conditions. Allowing the adhesive to air will help to reduce lateral slide and adhesive squeeze when installing Luxury Vinyl Tile floorcoverings.

Only apply sufficient adhesive that can be covered within the working time, usually 15 minutes. Periodically check that the adhesive has transferred to the rear of the floorcovering. Remove any air pockets with a cork board or rubbing tool whilst the adhesive is still wet and roll the flooring with a 68kg roller and/or a smoothing tool. Roll from side to side first and then end to end. Rolling will ensure good overall contact and minimise the potential for adhesive serration grin through.

Some vinyl floorcoverings may benefit from further rolling/smoothing. Heat welding should only commence once the adhesive has dried sufficiently. Do not allow the floor to be wet cleaned immediately after the floorcovering has been installed. Allow significant time for the adhesive bond to develop before wet cleaning commences, typically 48 hours at 20°C.

When applying adhesive onto the substrate, ensure that any adhesive which is surplus to requirements, and has been moved across the subfloor, is not placed back into the container. It should be placed into an alternative container for safe, easy disposal. This will avoid possible contamination issues.


Priming is not required, however, on highly absorbent surfaces it can be advantageous to prime with Ardex P51 Priming and Bonding Agent diluted 1:3 with cold, clean water. This will maintain the working time and ensure maximum coverage of the adhesive.

Substrate Preparation:

The subfloor must contain an effective damp proof membrane and be dry, with an equilibrium relative humidity of 75% or below. Where an effective damp proof membrane is absent, or the relative humidity of the subfloor is above 75% RH, consult the Ardex Moisture Control brochure or contact Ardex Technical Services for the correct product selection.

The subfloor must be hard, clean, free from barrier materials, sound and smooth in accordance with the relevant clauses of BS 8203 and BS 8204. Any dust should be removed using suitable vacuum equipment, prior to applying Ardex AF175, as it can affect both the coverage and performance of the adhesive. Uneven subfloors should be levelled with the appropriate Ardex Latex or Water-Based Levelling and Smoothing Compound e.g. Arditex NA or Ardex K39. Ardex Ardurapid A45 Rapid Drying and Hardening Internal Repair Mortar can be used for repairs to the subfloor/stairs etc. up to 50mm thick, in accordance with the product data sheet.

Joints, nail holes and imperfections in plywood, or minor surface damage to existing levelling and smoothing compounds i.e. footprints or trowel marks, may be pre-smoothed and levelled prior to the application of Ardex AF175, using Ardex Feather Finish in accordance with the product data sheet. Fabricated underlays such as flooring grade plywood, (SP101) should be installed where required over existing timber bases. Wood-based fabricated underlays should be suitable for the floorcovering and be at the equilibrium moisture content they will have in service at the time they are covered.

Underfloor Heating:

Underfloor heating systems should be commissioned in accordance with the heating manufacturer’s instructions; if comment cannot be found then the guidance given in BS 8203 and BS 8204 should be followed.

Thermal cycling of the subfloor will require raising the temperature of the substrate slowly, usually 10°C a day, to full operating temperature, held for a defined period, and slowly brought back down, usually 10°C a day, so that any shrinkage that is likely to take place occurs before the floorcovering is installed.

If moisture tests are required to verify the relative humidity of the substrate, the underfloor heating system should be switched off for 48 hours prior to testing. If moisture testing is not required, or after the tests are completed, the heating system should be stabilised to room temperature, but not below 15°C, before installing the floorcovering. The surface of the substrate can then be repaired/smoothed with the appropriate Ardex product and allowed to dry.

The floorcovering should be allowed to acclimatise to the substrate temperature before installation with Ardex AF175. After installation allow at least 48 hours of constant temperature for the adhesive to properly cure, before slowly increasing the temperature up to the normal operating temperature of the area. Do not subject the floor to static or dynamic loads, loaded trolleys, etc., or move fixtures, furniture, etc., onto the flooring until the adhesive has fully set, typically 48 hours at 20°C.


The 6kg tub covers up to 24m², and the 12kg variant can cover up to 48m². The actual coverage achieved in practice is affected by application technique as well as the texture and absorbency of the subfloor.

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