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Mapei Ultracoat HT 2K 0% Invisible Lacquer + Hardener 5.5Ltr


Mapei Ultracoat HT 2K 0% Invisible Lacquer + Hardener 5.5Ltr



The two-component, water-based, aliphatic varnish resistant to very high mechanical stress and chemicals, certified Bfls1
Two-component, 100% polyurethane water-based lacquer with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 Plus). Suitable for finishing wooden floors subject to extremely high pedestrian use.


Suitable for floors exposed to extreme footfall
Excellent resistance to abrasion and skid marks from rubber soles
Does not alter the natural colour of wood
Easy to apply
Available in four different gloss finishes (0-10-30-60 gloss)
Aliphatic, does not yellow over time
Complies with class CFL S1

Highly protective, wear and abrasion-resistant finish for solid and pre-sanded wooden floors and wooden floors requiring
repair. Suitable for use in residential and commercial environments, including those subject to extremely high pedestrian
traffic (public offices, shopping centres, airports, exhibition halls, etc.).
Ultracoat HT 2K is a two-component, water-based lacquer formulated with 100% aliphatic (non-yellowing) polyurethane
resin, characterised by an excellent level of resistance to abrasion and scuff marks from rubber-soled shoes. It also gives
parquet floors an attractive “natural wood” finish, especially in the 0 gloss version.
Direct application of the 0 gloss version on dark wood is not recommended.
In case of exotic hardwood such as South American or Asian varieties, the use of a base coat is always recommended.
Ultracoat HT 2K is available in 0 gloss - 10 gloss - 30 gloss - 60 gloss.
· Use, transport and store Ultracoat HT 2K at temperatures between +10°C and +25°C.
· Do not use on exterior surfaces.
· Use only clean containers and tools.
· On types of wood with a high content of extracts, we recommend checking that the product is compatible or applying
Ultracoat Universal Base or Ultracoat Premium Base as a first coat.
· Completely remove all traces of previous treatments in order to obtain an even finish.
· Protect treated surfaces from direct sunlight and draughts for the first three hours after application.
· Leftovers of the product must not be put back into its container. Partially-used containers must not be stored for very
long periods.
· At high temperatures, we recommend diluting the product with 10% water or with Ultracoat EL (Dir. 2004/42/EC).
Shake component A before use, insert the filter in the cap of the can and pour the product into the special basin.
At high temperatures, dilute the product with up to a maximum of 10% clean water or Ultracoat EL (Dir. 2004/42/EC).
Add component B at a ratio of comp. A : comp. B = 10 : 1 (in volume) and mix thoroughly.
Apply the mix within 2 hours of blending.
If only a part of component A is used, remove the filter before closing the can and rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

Sand wooden floors with coarse and medium-grained sandpaper and remove all traces of dust with a vacuum cleaner.
Grout cracks and irregularities in the surface with Ultracoat Aqua Plus or Ultracoat Binder, according to the instructions
contained in the product’s relative Technical Data Sheet.
Remove all traces of dust after sanding.
Apply a first, even coat of Ultracoat HT 2K or a base coat of Ultracoat Universal Base or Ultracoat Premium Base with
Ultracoat Roller T10.
If Ultracoat HT 2K is used for the first coat, sand the surface after 8 hours with Ultracoat SR 180/220.
If a Ultracoat base coat has been applied, proceed according to the instructions contained in the product’s relative
Technical Data Sheet.
Then carefully remove all traces of dust and apply the second coat of Ultracoat HT 2K, using Ultracoat Roller T5.
If a three-layer cycle is required, apply the final coat after at least 2 hours and within 5 hours without sanding. If successive
coats are applied after more than 5 hours, sand the surface again prior to application.
For application with a spray gun, dilute with up to 10% water if necessary.
Tools and residuals of Ultracoat HT 2K may be cleaned with water while the product is still fresh.
Once hardened, the product may only be removed mechanically.
First coat with Ultracoat Roller T10 or T5: 80-100 ml/m²; successive coats 50-70 ml/m².
Units (A+B) 5 + 0.5 l.

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