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Fiddes Hard wax Oil Ultra Raw (Choose Size)


Fiddes Hardwax Oil Ultra Raw (Choose Size)



Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is a highly versatile finishing oil made from a blend of natural vegetable oils and waxes. Perfect for use on wooden floors, doors, kitchen surfaces, children's toys, skirting, furniture and unsealed tiles.

This product can be intermixed and used in conjunction with the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Tints range
To retain the natural, untreated look of wood, try Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Natural
Ensure that surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and free from any previous finishes before applying Hard Wax Oil.

If required, existing oiled surfaces can be cleaned or de-greased with a lint free or microfibre cloth dampened with methylated or white spirit
If required, sand the wood surface with 120 - 150 grade sandpaper, then remove any residual sanding dust
Existing varnishes and sealers must be completely removed by sanding or with a suitable paint or varnish remover
Fill in any holes or gaps in wooden floors with Fiddes Floor Repair Kit or other suitable wood filler
To protect against mould and blue stain in moist surroundings, pre-treat with a suitable interior wood preservative
Always do a test area before starting any project to assess product suitability and final finish. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. No thinner or primer is required. Stir thoroughly before and during application.

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil can be applied directly from the tin onto a prepared surface with a good quality natural bristle paint brush, cloth, microfibre roller or other floor finish applicator. It is ideally applied in a well ventilated area at room temperature. For best results and maximum protection, Fiddes recommend 2 thin coats on hardwoods such as oak. Some softwoods such as pine may accept 3 thin coats but a test area is highly recommended to test absorption.

1st coat:

Apply thinly and evenly, working the hardwax oil into the wood following the direction of the grain
Remove any excess hard wax oil immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth
Leave to dry 4-6 hours in warm, dry, well ventilated conditions
2nd coat:

Once the first coat has dried, lightly abrade or de-nib the surface with 150 grade sandpaper or equivalent finishing pad and remove all sanding dust with a vacuum
Apply another coat of hard wax oil, again thinly and evenly
Leave to dry for 4-6 hours or preferably over night
When the surface area is completely dry, it can be lightly buffed if an improved sheen is desired

Coverage - Up to 24m² per litre

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