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Bona Titan Adhesive 15KG


Bona Titan Adhesive 15KG



Bona Titan is formulated with the new revolutionary titanium technology and is suitable for a wide range of wooden floor projects. It ensures proper cross-linking without the need to add a hardener or an external cross-linking agent.

The shear resistance bonding ensures a stabilisation of wooden floors, in particular solid elements. The fast initial bonding strength in combination with rigid adhesive ribs reduces the risk of hollow spots.

Suitable Substrates:

Cementitious screed (CT) according to EN 13813
Calcium sulfate screed (CA) according to EN 13813
Mastic asphalt screed (AS) according to EN 13813 (well sanded)
Floors levelled with levelling compounds (at least 2mm thick)
Chipboard, OSB board
Other dry and sound sub floors
Please Note: Bona Titan is suitable in association with under floor heating. Such floors need to pass the heating up protocol to drying up the screed. During installation and three days after the screed temperature must not pass 25°C.

Drying time 12 hrs
The substrate must be even, totally dry, clean, free from cracks and physically sound. The surface should also be slightly textured. If applicable, it must meet the requirements of local standards or codes of practice. It should also be professionally prepared for laying.

A primer is typically not needed
If the sub floor is problematic the use of a primer can improve it
Uneven floors should be levelled with Bona H600, H610 (filling of holes), H660 or H670

Always do a test area before starting any project to assess product suitability. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the container at all times.

Before use, ensure the air temperature is above 18°C, the floor temperature is above 15°C (with under floor heating max 20°C) and the relative humidity is less than 70%. If necessary, bring the adhesive to the right temperature.

Once opened, remove the protective foil and hardened adhesive from around the edges
The adhesive should be applied evenly, using a notched trowel appropriate to the flooring being laid
Once applied, if the adhesive has formed a skin, remove the adhesive and re-apply
Do not allow more than 30 minutes of open time before firmly setting flooring into the adhesive. Higher humidity can decrease open time
If some adhesive is pressed up in joints (so that it might come into direct contact with a finish or oil), remove it carefully or make sure that the adhesive is sufficiently cured before you apply the surface treatment
For Best adhesion, the parquet needs the correct moisture content of the wood to be selected
Solid wood parquet should be slightly more humid whilst multi-layered or pre-finished parquet should be slightly drier. For example, in Central Europe average room conditions of 20°C and 50% relative air humidity can be expected. Pre-finished parquet shall have, on average 8%, solid parquet 9%. Typical deviations from the average are +/- 2%. Where doubts exist, avoid too dry material. Please also refer to the instructions for use provided by the parquet manufacturer.

Coverage Guide
Use a fine trowel for small pieces of wood and/or smooth substrates, and a coarse trowel for large pieces of wood and/or less smooth and rough surfaces (F = fine, G = coarse) Bona Adhesive Trowel

10mm industrial parquet, mosaic parquet: approximately 850g/m², Bona Trowel 850 F or 850 G
2 layered prefinished parquet, 16mm industrial parquet solid parquet, tapis: approximately 1000g/m², Bona Trowel 1000 F or 1000 G
22mm strip flooring, 23mm industrial parquet, or 3-layered pre-finished parquet: approximately 1250g/m², Bona Trowel 1250 F or Bona 1250 G
Solid planks: approximately 1500g/m², Bona Trowel 1500 F or Bona 1500 G
Please Note: Bona Titan can also be used for the installation of wood blocks RE (DIN 68702) with a maximum thickness of 30mm. Please get in contact with the Bona technical department before the installation.

It is possible to apply load and stress to the floor after approximately 24 hours. Pre-finished floors can be used carefully after 6 hours. Any sanding and surface coating to be applied, may be carried out after 12-24 hours depending on the type of parquet, absorbency of the substrate and room climate.

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