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Treatex Traditional Wax Polish 500g - Clear 101 or Dark brown 102


Treatex Traditional Wax Polish 500g - Clear 101 or Dark brown 102



Treatex Traditional Wax Polish is made using pure, natural waxes including; Bees wax and Carnauba wax alongside other sustainable raw materials to help restore, protect and preserve treated and untreated interior timbers including; softwoods, hardwoods and cork.

Traditional Wax Polish is perfect for use on wooden furniture, doors, panelling, beams and wooden carvings and can also be used to treat stained timbers. It helps protect against the effects of central heating and offers some moisture resistance.

A de-aromatised, non-toxic solvent helps with application and drying and after evaporation, all that is left is a durable, solid wax surface.

The Clear version will not fire the colour of lighter timbers, such as Oak or Maple.

Clear has minimal impact on the colour of unfinished timbers

Somewhat resistant to water
Free from oil and water
Made using 5 different pure, natural waxes

Suitable for: Internal use
Recommended timbers: Most internal timbers including hardwoods, softwoods and cork
Applications: Wooden furniture, beams, doors, wooden carvings, children’s toys, panelling

Ensure the surface is clean and free from dust and dirt. Fresh timber should be sanded if needed (120 grit is a good starting point). If you are polishing a previously treated surface, we strongly recommend a small sample area is treated first to ensure the wax is compatible with the existing finish.

Using a lint free cloth or brush, apply thinly and evenly along the timber grain. Traditional Wax Polish can be polished with a cloth or brush when completely dry (around 2-4) hours. If the timber was previously unfinished or is absorbent, a second application may be needed.
Traditional Wax Polish can be melted by placing the tin in warm water to use as a liquid wax treatment.
Clean tools with Treatex thinners or white spirit. An initial treatment using an appropriate transparent oil e.g. Treatex Hardwax Oil Ultra, will increase resistance to liquids. Test colour fastness of painted furniture in a discrete area. Store in a cool, frost free environment.

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