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Treatex Walnut Oil 250ml


Treatex Walnut Oil 250ml



Treatex Walnut Oil is made from natural oils and resins, including: linseed oil, tung oil, sunflower oil, calendula oil as well as small amounts of other plant oils. It does not contain waxes but does contain pure pine resins.

Walnut oil is produced by compressing broken walnuts that cannot be sold at retails. These are then refined to ensure that they will not turn rancid over time.

Once dry, walnut oil is safe for people with nut allergies. Walnut Oil protects and nourishes the timber to create a beautiful, durable and food safe surface.

Walnut oil is perfect for use on chopping boards, worktops, children’s toys, furniture etc. It produces a low sheen finish that repels water and is resistant to heat.
Buffing oil

Resistant to water

Free from waxes

Made using pure oils and resins

Label on the bottle is made from 5% apple waste from apple juice production and 95% FSC® certified pulp

Suitable for: Internal use
Recommended timbers: Most internal timbers
Applications: Wooden furniture, chopping boards, worktops, children’s toys, doors etc.

Walnut oil is suitable for untreated and pre oiled timbers in the kitchen and around the home. The surface should be sanded smooth using 180-240 grit sandpaper and must be dry and clear of dust and grease.


Shake well and apply a thin coat using a lint free cloth. Regular use offers excellent protection against contamination and stains. The surface should be touch dry and polishable after 20 minutes. Full hardness is achieved after several hours. Apply 2-3 coats or until you feel the wood is suitable saturated.

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